April 2017 Newsletter

FLAAPT April Newsletter

The Florida chapter of the American Association of Physics Teachers has a new email system. If you’d like to hear about monthly happenings around the State, fill out this short form and forward this to a colleague while you’re at it.


  • Bay County’s Physics enrollment is booming and they’re offering a $5000 signing bonus to recruit Physics teachers. Contact Katie McCurdy (mccurks@bay.k12.fl.us) for details.
  • Volusia provides their Physics teachers subs and free rein over the agenda for quarterly meetings of their self-organized PLC Physics On The Psi. Ask Drew Hilburn (wahilbur@volusia.k12.fl.us) for details.
  • If you aren’t reading FSU Physicist Paul Cottle’s blog A Bridge To Tomorrow, you’re missing out on legislative updates, analysis, and witty commentary.
  • Let us know what your District is doing to support its Physics teachers and we’ll spread the word.

Upcoming Events

Want us to include something in next month’s newsletter? Send an email to AAPTFlorida@gmail.com.

Adam LaMee
FLAAPT Presisdent