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Professional Opportunities

For Students

  • UCF’s College of Optics and Photonics (CREOL) is hosting its first annual Photon Games!  Geared for undergraduates and high school students in teams of up to 6. Compete for cash prizes in the optics and photonics events, including a brain bowl, photo contest, and hands-on lab challenges. Register by April 1.
  • The Arecibo Observatory has a summer Research Experience for Undergraduates program. Deadline is Feb 1.


  • Co-teaching position for a recent STEM grad wanting to teach, but without an education degree. Work with a veteran teacher this semester while earning a full salary. Email bonnie.toffoli@ocps.net
  • UCF Physics is hiring for a full-time lecturer.
  • Full-time K12 teaching positions to be filled ASAP in Orange (bonnie.toffoli@ocps.net) and Brevard (Kingsley.Loren@Brevardschools.org).

Upcoming Events

Florida science media you should probably be following

  • Walkabout the Galaxy may be your new favorite podcast. This trio of UCF Planetary scientists compare their show to Car Talk. It’s a humorous discussion of the latest scientific and geek happenings … and you may end up learning something while you listen.
  • If you aren’t reading FSU Physicist Paul Cottle’s blog A Bridge To Tomorrow, you’re missing out on legislative updates, education policy analysis, and witty commentary.

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Adam LaMee
FLAAPT President