Teaching Resources

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Starting from scratch? Start here. There are as many ways to structure a course as there are teachers. The resources below represent a way to structure a course, not the way. Are we missing something? Drop us a line at AAPTFlorida@gmail.com.

Physics 1 and Physics 1 Honors


AP Physics 1 & 2


AP Physics C

Start with the College Board site. The course description will let you know which topics are on the exam with approximate weights. Pace your course accordingly, leaving at least 1-2 weeks to review before AP exams begin.

Learn AP Physics and FlippingPhysics each cover your entire course material with links to instructional videos (if you’re ready to ditch lecturing) and tons of exam-level problems with solutions.

OpenStax textbooks are free, online, well-developed, and research-based. The reading level is manageable and there are tons of worked examples and practice problems. See their University Physics vol. 1 (mechanics) and vol. 2 (E&M).

PhETs are hugely popular interactive simulations. They’re great for labs and demos when you don’t have the equipment or need to save some time. Note: the HTML5 versions work everywhere, the Flash or Java versions depend on the device.

Communicate with other teachers of your course in your district and online (e.g., the College Board site, Facebook, and Twitter).

IB and AICE Physics